“Uuuugh, I don’t get this! It’s all….conflabled….” Kassy, in an attempt to hide from the evil thing that was torturing her to a level of ease that it seemed to stun her, leaned forward from her desk, and placed her forehead against the plastic-like wood.
“…Conflabled? Really now, conflabled? Well, well I guess we’re gonna have to take care of that then, aren’t we?” Thadd smiled down at Kassy, poking his daughter in the head as she swatted him away in annoyance.
“DAD…this makes no sense. I mean come on I just wanted to get the internet to work and now everything is a weird color and its spazzing. LOOK AT IT…Its freaking out! Why is everything shaking? Why can’t I get the mouse to move? FIX IIIIIITT~ ….” She was whining now, and doing an excellent job of it. Her freakish desire to get on the internet was causing her much distraught, and she wanted her dad to know it! She wanted everyone to know it! Guh…this was slightly pathetic.
“KASSY CALM DOWN…I will try to get it to work but you’ll have to move.” He always did that, always! Anytime Kassy wanted something fixed, she’d have to move. She never understood why, I mean she could sit there and do it if he just told her how, but no, she had to move so he could sit in her spot and do it for her. Which…she wasn’t completely against but hey, she liked her spot. “You and your internet….trying to talk to the Bird?” ‘The Bird” referred to Kassy’s best friend Wendy, also know as Wendybird. The nickname was a long story, but Thadd always ended up calling Wendy ‘bird’ in some way or another.
“Yes I’m trying to talk to Wendy. I’m always trying to talk to Wendy…” This was true, Wendy and Kassy always talked, for an average of 7 hours a day. The weekends were usually a toss up though; sometimes there was no talking, or 15 hour days. It really all depended on their schedules…but in all, they talked a lot. “HEY…HEY IS IT WORKING YET?” Talking in an extremely enthusiastic manner, Kassy watched as the screen of her laptop flashed slightly and began to start up. “You fixed it~” Her face lit up, playing pushing her dad out of the way as he glared up at her with discontent. Uh oh, that means he wasn’t done…Well, as long as he was just sitting there… “So dad…about Wendy…Do you um, well do you think that she could come with us to Disneyland after all?” Wendy was in Canada…and well, Kassy was already going to Disneyland for her 16th
birthday, and she had been attempting to get her parents to fly Wendy down so she could come along. “Uh. We’ll see.” He was pushing buttons again. If he did anything weird to Kassy’s computer, Kassy would…she would…well she’d do something! Something bad, ohohoho… “What grade did you meet again?”
“Oh. Well….” He didn’t know. He didn’t know that Kassy had lied to him. “Um. So you see…remember on my birthday when you saw the wallpaper on my computer that said ‘this is kassy, this is wendy, they’re best friends forever’ and I told you that Wendy was my friend who I met in elementary school who moved to Canada?” He just nodded, looking slightly confused why Kassy was stating things in questions. “Well I was afraid you wouldn’t let me talk to her…because she really is my best friend. Like, ya know…really freakish bond. So…see she’s sorta…uh” God, just spit it out! “She’s always lived in Canada….” Kassy braced herself, cringing slightly and hiding behind her hands. Was she going to get yelled at? God only knows…
“So, you’ve never actually met her?” He paused, looking up from Kassy’s laptop. What was that face he was making? Was that angry? Why couldn’t Kassy tell?!
“…No. I mean. YOU KNOW SHE’S NOT SOME CREEPY PEDO. You’ve seen her on webcam, and I’ve talked to her on the phone countless times.” In reality, Kassy didn’t find her friendship with Wendy weird at all. They had known each other for 3 years, and really did have a strong bond. If you really thought about it, it’s much easier to find close friends over the internet than searching your school. Not that Kassy was searching for such a close friend…it just happened. It wasn’t so crazy, was it?
“You should of just told me. You really thought I would be like ‘NO. NEVER. YOU CANNOT TALK TO THIS GIRL. RAAAA’ ?” He was being humorous, always a good sign.
“….yes.” That was simple enough. Yes, she did think he would get mad and never let her talk to Wendy again. That would not be good on any level…
“Kassy, I wouldn’t of done that. I would be concerned, yes, but I wouldn’t take away such a close friend of yours. I know your relationship with Wendy, but this done change things…slightly.” Well of course it changed things!
Feeling slightly relived, Kassy attempted her bargaining again, hoping not to get glared at. “so uh…about that Disneyland trip.” She made a face, a funny big toothed, slightly awkward, grin.
“….” Thadd just glanced over, raising his eyebrow then going back to work on her precious computer.


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